My Life Needs More Weekends!
"My life needs more weekends!"  I am quite skilled at stating the obvious, but this week I mean it more than most.  I had a fabulous weekend.  The happiness was quickly destroyed by work on Monday.


It's been 5 years since I married my Mitchell and I would marry him all over again.  Probably by eloping.  One wedding is enough for at least a decade!  For our anniversary we decided on returning to Stillwater and having dinner on a St. Croix boat.  The food was meh and the drinks were laughably terrible and yet we both had a great time.


We had originally planned on participating in a bar-crawl, but after the blechy drinks on the boat more alcohol did not sound like a good idea.  For some reason, though, Mt. Rushmore sounded like a great idea.  With Dresden Files book 3 and 4 on the Touch away we went.  It was about 24 hours there and back. 


We were silly tired when we arrived back at home around 9:30am.  I know that many of you are thinking that such a plan, or lack of a plan, sounds a bit crazy.  When we met with families for Father's Day, they all gave us the "only you two" reaction.  One of the many reason my Mitchell and I are so good together. 



"Jaws" on the big screen = Big Fun
Thanks to the brilliant suggestion by Sinister Dr. X M & I on went to see "Jaws" on the big screen last night.  I want very glad that I did not let a small thing like being sleepy keep me from this opportunity.  Thank you Dr. X!  It was a very nice way to end a stressful week - Watching others get munched on by a giant shark = Good fun.

I am blaming the cloudy, rainy weather for zapping away all of my energy.  I had hoped to get some gardening and yard work done today.  In the spirit of making the best of a less than perfect situation, we have settled on doing some laundry while (re)watching episodes of "Farscape" and playing on our computers.  Curled up under a blanket, drinking hot tea with kisses available whenever I want them is turning out to be an ideal way to spend my Saturday.  Best wishes to anyone reading this "I hope you have a great weekend!"

It begins. . .
I have intended to create a LiveJournal account on many occasions, but procrastination is a terrible habit.  My husband has me watch Blair Witch Project II; what better time to create an account!?!  Step 1: Account create (Check)

My real intent is to get in touch and keep in touch with friends and family.

Will I regret some, half or most of what I type?

My computer is driving me crazy with Pop-ups - Time for a drink!


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